In honor of Mary Magdalene and the rising Divine Feminine...we invite you to join us in sacred ritual, artistry, & sensual exploration in an all women’s circle. This is an immersive experience curated for healing, empowerment, and sensual liberation.

Explore the mystic traditions of The Rose Lineage and Mary Magdalene.

Sensuality is about slowing down and AWAKENING to deeper PRESENCE with our senses. It lives in the body. We have a buffet of exquisite activations that honor the bodies intuitive wisdom and satiates the divine desires within you.

 Aromatic Foot Washing 

Mary Magdelene showed us the way of service through her anointing of Yeshua’s feet.  Using sacred oils and blessed water, we will invite in our own way of devotion. 

The rose is a symbol of the ever-expanding and devotional love of the feminine heart. In this ceremony we will drop more deeply into our Magdelene heart, with the aid of rose medicine.  

Holographic sound is the fusion of sacred geometry and sound. Together they create healing frequencies that can clear blockages, raise your vibration, repattern beliefs, and promote harmony and balance in the body, mind, and spirit.

Our bodies are our sacred vessels, and we will go through practices of deeply connecting first with our own bodies. We will explore our own innocent sensuality, and ways to connect with others with strong boundaries of consent, honoring and safety. 

It wouldn't be a Feast for the Senses with out all the yummy treats to satiate our taste buds.

We will practice partnered exercies and sensual eating to arouse every possible sensation we can with sacred nourishment.

Yoni Steaming is one of the most gentle forms of healing penetration. We will sit in circle together and let the healing herb of rose rise into our temples.

Yoni Steaming is an ancient practice.

  • Please do not participate in steaming if on your bleed or if you have an IUD if you have any questions or concerns please reach out or get the go ahead from your personal physician.

Autumn Sky Art

Who is Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene is a powerful archetype for the feminine mysteries and the wisdom teachings of the ancients and symbolizes the power of love, healing, grace and sacred sexuality. 

Additionally Mary Magdalene is symbolic of the rise of the feminine. Only recently, in 2016 the Vatican officially recognized this feast day in honor of Mary Magdalene. She was finally given her rightful place as Apostle of Apostles, which more reflected her dignity and devotion to Christ. 

Whether you are a Christian woman or not, the Mary Magdalene archetype of a devoted woman and the divine lover exists within each of our hearts.

The red rose has been one of the the sacred symbols of Mary Magdalene for centuries.  In the current times, the rose lineage connects  women seeking the Divine Feminine both within the traditional and the non-traditional frameworks.

ART: Autumn Skye


Energy Exchange:

Suzanne Zephyr is a Feminine Embodiment Coach, a Cacao & Flower Master Ceremonialist and Yoga/Dance Teacher. She is also certified in Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki and Chakradance.  


Additionally, she holds an International MBA, is a business professor at TCU, and mentors women in creating wealth through a thriving soul business.


Suzanne has lived over a decade in the Middle East and Asia, and draws wisdom from extensive world travels and studies.  She offers a Cacao & Flower Tea Facilitator Training, 1:1 mentorships and plant medicine ceremonies.  


She is a mamma, physically and spiritually, and enjoys nurturing and supporting women in stepping into leadership roles. 

Peyton Quinn is a visionary artist and transformational guide empowering the divine feminine through the expression of erotic innocence, authentic creativity and sacred embodiment. Her invitation into the temple of the body has assisted ever-widening circles of women to reclaim and restore their sexual sovereignty, safety, and power. 

Through Peyton’s personal healing path of transmuting pain into art, she has become a way-shower in the process of alchemizing suffering into powerful, potent, and prayerful creation.. 

 Her cosmic tool belt has been curated through intensive training and channeled material in her work as a Sexual Priestess + Erotic Visionary, and her passion exists to share these skills with others on the evolutionary pathway.